Inside Unity Campus: in conversation with Alex Searle, Facilities & Operations Administrator

Inside Unity Campus: in conversation with Alex Searle, Facilities & Operations Administrator

In this interview, Alex shares insights into her role, daily responsibilities, and the importance of exceptional customer service.

Alex discusses her journey to the position, the satisfaction she finds in supporting the campus community, and her passion for the innovative environment in which she works.

Tell me about your role and the services you provide to Campus members.

I am the primary contact for facilities issues, ensuring they are logged and managed efficiently, no matter their size, and support the property team with daily maintenance and remedial work. I’m also the first point of contact for suppliers, contractors, and visitors to Unity Campus.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Flexibility is essential in my role. I plan and prioritise my workload to meet deadlines while responding quickly to urgent matters. My tasks range from finding keys to buildings and ensuring excellent cleaning standards, to checking defibrillators and informing members about site improvements.

I also support our Community Engagement Manager, Jess Harvey-Bowman, with campus events, researching suppliers, and setting up partner meetings. I love the variety!

What is the best part of your job? What gives you job satisfaction?

No two days are the same which keeps me forward-thinking and organised. I enjoy problem solving and take pride in resolving issues promptly, professionally, and to a high standard.

How did you become the Facilities & Operations Administrator at Unity Campus?

I was already aware of Howard Group’s and Unity Campus’s reputations and liked them both. So, when I heard about the role, I was excited. With my background in recruitment, customer service skills, and love for helping people, it felt like a perfect fit.

Why is excellent customer service important?

Excellent customer service is crucial because it builds relationships, trust, and reputation. I believe in providing a service in an understanding, honest, friendly, timely, professional, and satisfactory manner – this is very important to me.

What do you like about working at Unity Campus and for Howard Group?

I love the innovative and sustainable buildings at Unity Campus, which host numerous life science and technology companies aiming to make a significant impact in their respective fields, and on the world. The focus on wellbeing and community brings a special vibrancy and connection that you don’t often see in a work environment.

The Howard Group culture is inclusive, fun, respectful, and transparent. We all aim to do a great job and support one another with that, and I’m proud to be part of the team. Howard Group – collectively and individuals within it – also gives back through its charitable work and investment in companies doing a lot of good in the world.

Why do you think companies choose to base themselves at Unity Campus, and what do you like about the campus?

Companies choose Unity Campus to be part of a wonderfully innovative community in a fantastic location. The striking buildings and facilities, coupled with opportunities for collaboration and involvement in events, make it an attractive choice. Plus, the coffee from our café is excellent!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Food and wine, live music, and the environment are my passions. I love being in the great outdoors, particularly walking and hiking and visiting new places with my family such as beaches and museums. I also enjoy singing and am part of a local community choir.