In Good Company

We have a thriving community of organisations working at the cutting edge of life science, technology and business services. We think Unity Campus is different – more personal and collegiate. It is designed to feel like a real campus not a business park, where we have ‘members’ not tenants and where we work hard to bring everyone together – socially and professionally.


Our Members



Aqdot have created patented molecule capture and release technology that captures and removes odours and pollutants, and releases fragrances when triggered.


Biocair is a specialist GDP courier with over 35 years experience in cell and gene therapy, clinical trials, pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors.


Chimeris uses proprietary technologies to genetically modify the immune system, enabling it to find and eliminate cancer cells in patients sustainably.


Cuttsy&Cuttsy is a healthcare communication agency where people matter.  We use clarity and conversation to bring healthcare communications to life.


Domainex is a multi-award winning, integrated drug discovery CRO and has been setting the highest standards in drug discovery (particularly small molecule research) since 2001.


GetBusy provide growing businesses with specialist productivity software solutions to enable them to work securely and efficiently with their customers, suppliers and teams anytime, anywhere.


Iontas Ltd is an independent drug discovery company with extensive experience in recombinant antibody technology.

Liminal BioSciences

Liminal BioSciences is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of novel, small molecule drug candidates.

Maxion Therapeutics

Maxion Therapeutics uses its revolutionary KnotBody® technology to create first-in-class and best-in-class protein therapeutics for treating previously untreatable ion channel and GPCR=driven diseases.


Drugging the undruggable®. Through its SITESEEKER® drug target identification platform, Phoremost is expanding druggable space.


Sareum is a clinical-stage small molecule company actively involved in developing next-generation kinase inhibitors to treat autoimmune diseases and cancer.


Telensa provides smart street lighting solutions helping cities, utilities and local government organisations around the world reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.


ViaNautis is a globally focused biotechnology company advancing its mission to create value through the development of genetic nanomedicines.

Welbeck Health Partners

OneWelbeck is one of the country’s largest specialist facilities for diagnostics, therapies and minimally invasive surgery.

Case Study: Domainex thrives at Unity Campus: a hub of collaboration and opportunity.

Domainex COO, David Cronk, discusses why they made the decision to continue their growth journey at Unity Campus

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We are very excited to be bringing the Welbeck model to Cambridge. As one of the world’s leading locations for academic healthcare, it is a natural fit for our model of partnering with the very best clinicians. The Unity Campus site is a fantastic location for us, allowing us to synergise with a wealth of R&D activities and is ideally located close to the Cambridge Biomedical campus.

Andrew Chadwick-Jones

Welbeck Health Partners